Coaching Discovery Calls That Sell

In this episode of The Coaching Edge, I give specific pointers and actionable tactics for coaches to make their discovery or sales calls feel easier and more natural. I emphasize the importance of being comfortable with your approach to selling and highlight the need for an intake form to gather information about potential clients. I also stress the significance of being clear on the offer and its value. I suggest using automated reminders and engaging in small talk at the beginning of the call to create a comfortable environment.

Additionally, I discuss the importance of understanding the client's needs, sharing personal stories, and mirroring their language. I’ll guide you on inviting the client to join, handling price discussions, addressing objections, and giving clients time to decide. 

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The Art of Effortless Coaching Sales with Becky Keen

Tune in to the latest episode of The Coaching Edge podcast, where I have a dynamic chat with the incredible Becky Keen, a Master Coach and sales expert. Becky and I explore the secrets to selling your coaching services with ease. Unveiling the importance of believing wholeheartedly in the value of your coaching offer, we navigate through the nuances of transparent pricing, addressing the perennial dilemma of whether to display prices on your website.

We also discuss the difference between making an invitation versus a convincing sales pitch and share valuable insights on how to transition from “I hate sales” to “I love sales calls. Bring them on.” 

From the dangers of underpricing to the myths surrounding high-ticket offers, we dismantle the traditional, pushy patriarchal sales model, paving the way for a more authentic, organic, and feminine approach that resonates not only with coaches but also with their clients.

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