My Unique Strategies for Beating Coach Burnout

Hi coaches, in this episode of The Coaching Edge, we’ll talk about burnout prevention for coaches.

I share my personal experience with burnout and how it led me to become a burnout coach. I emphasize the importance of outsourcing tasks that drain your energy and focusing on the parts of your business that you love.

I’ll also provide tips for setting financial goals, setting boundaries, adopting a beta mindset, and managing social media. I encourage coaches to track red flags and make positive changes to prevent burnout.

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The Art of Effortless Coaching Sales with Becky Keen

Tune in to the latest episode of The Coaching Edge podcast, where I have a dynamic chat with the incredible Becky Keen, a Master Coach and sales expert. Becky and I explore the secrets to selling your coaching services with ease. Unveiling the importance of believing wholeheartedly in the value of your coaching offer, we navigate through the nuances of transparent pricing, addressing the perennial dilemma of whether to display prices on your website.

We also discuss the difference between making an invitation versus a convincing sales pitch and share valuable insights on how to transition from “I hate sales” to “I love sales calls. Bring them on.” 

From the dangers of underpricing to the myths surrounding high-ticket offers, we dismantle the traditional, pushy patriarchal sales model, paving the way for a more authentic, organic, and feminine approach that resonates not only with coaches but also with their clients.

If you've ever felt the discomfort...

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Howdy Partner! A Practical Guide to Partnerships Between Coaches

Hey coaches, welcome back to another insightful episode of the Coaching Edge! In this edition, I dive into the world of coach collaborations, exploring key considerations before embarking on a joint coaching venture or program. Partnerships can be a fantastic way to amplify your impact and reach, but success and profit lie in careful planning and alignment.

Tune in as I break down essential questions to ask before entering a coaching partnership. From assessing compatibility in coaching styles and personal rapport to addressing content contribution, coaching time, platform hosting, and marketing strategies, I cover it all. 

Learn about ownership of content, potential spinoff benefits, and how to navigate the financial aspects, ensuring a fair and harmonious collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned coach or just stepping into the world of partnerships, this episode is packed with practical insights to help you build successful and sustainable collaborations in the coaching...

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Mastering Content Creation: Top Mistakes and Game-Changing Tips

In this episode, I delve into the art of content creation and spill the beans on the top mistakes many coaches (me included!) unknowingly make. Whether you're crafting challenges, courses, or planning for future paid memberships, these insights will elevate your efficiency and maximize the potential for repurposing content. Learn how to sidestep the pitfalls that often hinder coaches, from perfection paralysis to common missteps in strategy. Discover game-changing tips that not only enhance your content creation process but also set the stage for future growth and monetization.

Tune in to transform your content creation game, making each piece not just impactful in the moment but a versatile strategic asset for the long run. Don't miss out on this valuable, practical guide to elevate your content creation game!

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Get into Profit Sooner with guest April Stroink

In this episode of The Coaching Edge, I sat down with April Stroink, a Master Profit First Professional and Money Coach extraordinaire, to unravel the first steps to financial success for small businesses.

April and I talked about the importance of flipping the script on the old-school profit formula and explored the vital importance of setting up a few basic, but foolproof financial systems. Forget the outdated notion of sales minus expenses equals profit – we debunked this myth and introduced a ground-breaking approach: sales minus profit equals allowable expenses!

April outlined the profit rule that should be every entrepreneur's guiding star and emphasized the absolute necessity of keeping personal and business income streams distinct. This episode is a goldmine of insights for every solopreneur striving to pave the way for lasting financial success, which I believe is each and every one of my coach listeners!

Tune in and put in place the right systems and tools to steer...

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Crafting Compelling Freebies: Boosting Opt-Ins and Building Trust

In this episode of The Coaching Edge, we'll delve into a crucial part of building your coaching business – offering high-value freebies. In an age where building genuine connections is key, I share the significance of providing very valuable free content to your audience. We'll talk about why a curated list of creative high-value freebie ideas, tailored to help you find the perfect match for your brand values and target audience.

I guide listeners through the process of assessing existing freebies and enhancing their value to ensure they resonate with your audience effectively. Addressing a common fear, we'll candidly discuss the misconception that giving too much away might devalue your services. Instead, we'll uncover the magic of building trust and credibility, showcasing how strategic freebies can significantly impact opt-in rates, email gathering, and audience growth.

Tune in to learn how to create freebies that not only attract your ideal clients but also foster a...

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YOU Are Your Brand: Building Trust as a Solopreneur Coach

In this episode, we'll explore a fundamental truth: as a solopreneur coach, YOU are your brand. In an era where authenticity is key, I break down the vital connection between personal trustworthiness and brand credibility. We'll delve into the nuances of articulating your brand and business values, emphasizing how they shape not only your coaching sessions but also your pricing strategies, paid and free content, programming, and social media presence.

I share invaluable insights on recognizing when your values are honored versus jeopardized, ensuring alignment between your personal ethos and your professional offerings. If you're a solopreneur coach striving to build trust and authenticity in your coaching practice, this episode is your guide to creating a brand that resonates deeply with your audience and feels right to you.

Tune in and learn how to navigate the delicate balance between personal authenticity and professional success, crafting a brand that truly reflects your values...

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The Price is Right: Pricing Lessons with Coach Christy Osborne

Pricing your offer: This is a topic that will make any coach squirm-and for good reason. You’ve probably asked yourself- “who am I to charge that much?”. We all have. But staying stuck here too long will absolutely drive you to burnout and cause you to walk away from your dream business. So we need to talk about it.

Today I’ve invited long-time Business Building Bootcamp Member, Christy Osborne, to share three powerful lessons she’s learned about pricing her coaching offers. The truth is that charging premium prices not only serves you, it also means that your clients have skin in the game, which means they’re invested in the outcome.

Charging more empowers both you and the client to commit to the process and the transformation. We’re getting clear about the fact that we’re not charging for just our time- in setting our rate we’re assigning value to the desired outcome your clients are craving. We’ll also talk about what it...

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My Biggest Coaching Mistakes! (What Not To Do) Pt 2 of 2

In this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing even more of the mistakes I made early on in my coaching business so you don’t have to learn the hard way. I’ll share how to establish that like, know, and trust factor to connect with leads, what to prioritize when pricing your programs, and why mapping out financial goals is key to keeping you in business - and so much more. Pay attention - this one’s packed with great tips!

If a coaching business was as simple as being a great coach, there would be a whole lot more coaches in this business. Building a coaching business is not easy - it takes a ton of work, creativity, and a fair bit of patience. But if your gut is telling you this is the right career for you, you can make it happen, I promise. First up, you’re going to need a steady, reliable stream of clients to be profitable.

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