A Different Framework for Goal Setting as a Coach

Hi coach! In this episode of The Coaching Edge, we’ll discuss the importance of goal setting and how it should be an ongoing practice. I emphasize the value of setting specific revenue goals for business success, and I’ll also introduce the concept of setting goals based on how we want to feel rather than what we want to achieve.

Reflecting on progress and achievements is an essential step in goal setting. I’ll suggest focusing on supporting specific clients and improving coaching skills. I also encourage you to take control of your personal growth outside of the business and take risks to overcome fear. Tune in to get some of my best tips about goal setting in your personal and professional life.

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The Importance of Small Talk with Coaching Clients

In my BBB business-building community for coaches, I recently had a member who was considering creating a package of 30-minute coaching sessions. She believed if she could cut the small talk, the sessions could be shorter and she could price them more affordably, and thereby serve her clients.

In this episode, I share how I helped this member see the many holes in her strategy, including a discussion about how pricing is about so much more than the physical time you spend with a client. But budgeting time for small talk can be really valuable and often leads to much more productive sessions. All that to say, less is not always more. And if you haven’t been coached in a while, we’ll talk about why it’s time to invest in yourself too. If you’re frustrated by clients who have a hard time getting to the point, or spend a lot of time on small talk, you won’t want to miss the learning in this episode!

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