Season 4 Wrap-Up: Reflections, Joy, and New Beginnings with Sarah Baillie

In this bittersweet season finale, Sarah Baillie and I come together to share some big news: the early wrap-up of Season 4. It's been a tough decision, but one that opens up exciting opportunities on the horizon for both of us. We peel back the curtain on the "why" behind this choice, exploring the joyous spaces it's creating for personal pursuits.

For me (Wendy McCallum), it means dedicating more time to my passion for writing fiction and diving into my Business Building Bootcamp community for coaches and my podcast, The Coaching Edge. Meanwhile, Sarah is excited about immersing herself in patient care and family time, and generating innovative ideas for her coaching practice. We take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about where we began in Season 1 (the "fake podcast") and marveling at the incredible journey of personal and professional growth since our estrogen-fueled conversations about nurturing and women’s midlife.

Join us for a heartfelt review of what we've cherished about Bite-Sized Balance, the joy it's brought us, the key things we’ve learned, and the bonds it's forged. As we bid adieu to Season 4, we embark on a hiatus, ready to focus on fresh endeavors and recharge our creative spirits. This isn't goodbye; it's a "see you soon" as we gear up for new beginnings. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey—and stay tuned, we’ll likely be back in some form or fashion again. We’ve got too much to say

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