No One Is Coming: Embracing Personal Responsibility for a Joyful Life with Sarah Baillie

In this second to last episode of Season 4 of Bite-Sized Balance, I'm joined by Sarah Baillie to explore what’s been a game-changing concept for both of us: "No One Is Coming." We dive deep into the profound reality that if our lives aren't what we want them to be, the power to change that rests solely in our hands. This awakening often hits women hard in midlife, around menopause, as the awareness of time becomes more acute. 

Drawing inspiration from unexpected places like the Trolls movie, Sarah shares her insights into personal responsibility and the freedom it brings. We discuss the big-picture and smaller-picture ways we can apply the idea of "No One Is Coming" to craft days and years that align with our desires. 

Letting go of what doesn't serve us, whether it's social media, alcohol, or unfulfilling relationships, creates uncomfortable but fertile space for creativity and the exploration of what brings us joy.

Join us as we discuss the difference between reacting and responding, and how saying no more often opens up the space to live a life that feels genuinely better. I also share some exciting changes in my own journey to joy, focusing on fiction writing and my business coaching program for coaches. Get ready for an episode that encourages you to take charge, make proactive and intentional choices, and embrace the freedom that comes with realizing that you are the captain of your own ship! 

To connect with Wendy about her coaching and programming, visit:

To contact Sarah Baillie about coaching, email her at: [email protected]


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