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Are you a coach looking for business support?

JOIN REWIND: 6-week Coach-Led Mindful Break From Alcohol. Starts on January 6th. Click here for details.

What if you could lower your stress and drink less without willpower?

I help professional women beat burnout and drink less so they can enjoy the life they worked so hard to create.


What if you could lower your stress and drink less?

I help professional women overcome burnout and drink less so they can create more joyful, resonant lives.


I can help you recover and reset when it comes to...


Hard truth: A vacation won't cure your burnout. But there is a solution. (I should know, I'm a double burnout survivor.) Together, we'll figure out how to slow you down, carve out time for meaningful self-care (and I don't mean rosé all day!), and swap your workaholic tendencies for a healthier balance!


If you'd love to get back in the driver's seat when it comes to alcohol, I've got you. The good news? No need to identify as an "alcoholic." (I didn't, but my nightly malbec also wasn't serving me anymore. So we needed to break up.) The better news? There's a way to take back control without the white-knuckling. I promise.

How we can work together


Feeling stuck?

Whether you know exactly what needs to change, or just have a nagging feeling something is missing, but you're not sure what that is, this little guide is EXACTLY what you need to get unstuck and start make lasting, intentional change.

I've packed this freebie with incredible value!

Workbook includes:

  • My top 3 burnout & balance coaching tools
  • Science-backed tips for squashing cravings & urges
  • Powerful mindset shifts to stop “perfectionist paralysis” in its tracks
  • Practical steps you can start taking NOW to increase your daily joy
  • A goal-setting questionnaire for clarity as to what to tackle first
  • An actionable planning tool to help you articulate & achieve your goals

Start building that balanced life you crave with my Blueprint for Change!


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How to Fall Back Into a Healthy Routine

Sep 19, 2023

My Story...

I've been to burnout and back, and learned a lot along the way.

I spent the first 12+ years of my working life as a lawyer, then partner, in a large law firm in Calgary.

As a busy professional, wife and mom of two young children (just seven months apart!), I struggled to find that elusive "work-life" balance.

I was always stressed. When I was working, I worried about my kids & what my long hours were doing to them. When I was home, I battled guilt that I wasn't at the office.  I kept a notepad by my bed to make insomnia-fueled notes about client files. I ate lunch at my desk, guzzled diet coke & coffee to stay awake, and drank red wine to sleep. 

I was "doing it all" - but none of it very well - and eventually, I burnt out.

I became dependent on unhealthy coping mechanisms (wine), forgot what life was really about & lost my mojo in the process.

After much soul-searching, I left law and began the work of creating a career & life that I didn't need to escape from.

As a coach & wellness expert, I'm inclusive, non-judgmental, and empathetic, because I've been where many of my clients find themselves.  

If you find yourself on the same path I was on, I'd love to connect.  



The results speak for themselves...

Wendy’s non-judgmental, supportive approach created a safe space for me...

"When I found Wendy I felt completely stuck. I was convinced I was failing miserably in every aspect of my being from motherhood to my professional career to my personal relationships. Wendy’s non-judgmental, supportive approach created a safe space for me to explore why I was feeling so stuck, and she gave me the tools I needed at exactly the right time to help me find me again.  I am forever grateful to Wendy for giving me the support that I needed to get un-stuck."


Wendy brings to her coaching a wonderful combination of wisdom, clarity, creativity and logic...

"I am so thankful to have invested in myself by investing in Wendy. Wendy brings to her coaching a wonderful combination of wisdom, clarity, creativity and logic. Working with Wendy allowed me to see issues through a different lens, making solutions more obvious. Wendy is a skilled listener, and guides you to open up new possibilities. She’ll also keep you accountable - and creating and meeting goals feels so good!"


I am also a Certified Senior Coach with “This Naked Mind Institute”

In addition to my training in and 10+ years of experience with burnout & balance coaching, I have undergone rigorous, specialized coach training that allows me use the ground-breaking methodology developed by This Naked Mind Institute and a science-based approach to making alcohol truly small & irrelevant in your life.

If you aren't familiar with Annie Grace and her books (start with 'This Naked Mind'!), her unique approach is an absolute game-changer. 

It's based in freedom (not deprivation), grace (not judgment or shame), and transforming whole lives (not just physical habits).

How would this work for me?


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

If your life checks all the "boxes" (career, great kids and family life, nice home), and you're still struggling and looking for an escape...

It doesn't have to be this way.

You can create a life you love.

Join me, and we'll work together to reclaim your life.