Wendy’s Alcohol Story

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In this special episode, guest host Julie Lesperance takes the reins to interview me about my personal alcohol story on my 3-year anniversary of living alcohol-free. I explain how and why my relationship with wine changed over the course of my life, when and why I started to question it, and how I found freedom and went on to become a Certified Naked Mind Coach. 

If you think you’re the only one questioning your relationship with alcohol, you’re not. If you’re thinking things aren’t “bad enough” to make a change, you’re wrong. 

"Grey-area drinking" exists on a huge spectrum. You don't need to objectively have " a problem", be an "alcoholic" or hit a "rock bottom" to change your habits. The truth is: you simply don't HAVE to drink (or drink as much), and it's 100% up to you! (Boy, was it ever liberating when I realized that!)

You get to make the positive choice to drink less in a world where 84% do - not only is it an option, it might just be the biggest gift you ever give yourself! 

Tune in for an honest, real, no judgment, no labels discussion of women and alcohol. Discover you can also make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life and what might open up for you if you do.

If you’re starting to question your relationship with alcohol, you’ll want to access my free Live Coaching Class and Q&A on “5 Secrets to Drinking Less and Living More” at REGISTER HERE NOW


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