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The Little Podcast That Could - 100th Episode Celebration (with Dr. Sarah Baillie, N.D.)

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It’s the 100th episode of Bite-Sized Balance!

In today’s episode of ‘the little podcast that could’, my regular co-host and bestie Dr. Sarah Baillie, N.D., joins me to celebrate 100 episodes of Bite-Sized Balance, the “fake” podcast that I started over two years ago.

We each choose a handful of episodes that stand out for us from past seasons and discuss why you should give them a listen if you haven’t had the chance or are a new listener to the show.

We also talk about feeling “couchy”, the pitfalls of Daylight Savings Time, and Sarah’s newfound passion for coaching.

Here are our favourite episodes with the links to watch on my website (you can also listen to all of these on your preferred podcast platform):

Episode 1: The Meno Whisperer (Dr. Sarah Baillie, N.D.)


Episode 9: Alcohol and Women’s Burnout (Annie Grace)


Episode 35: Life in the Sandwich (Wendy and Meg’s Story)


Episode 37: Pregnancy Loss & Grief (Wendy’s story)


Episode 93: Emptying the Nest – The Grief and Joy of Letting Go


Episode 48: No More Fu*#s To Give – The Midlife Woman’s Anthem


Episode 63: Women’s Desire in Midlife (Dr. Lori Brotto)


Episode 64: Desire Debrief – The Burnout Connection


Episode 66: The Midlife Therapy Every Woman Should Know About (Erika Burger)


Episode 91: The Key to Midlife Happiness


Episode 10: Women’s Burnout and Adrenal Fatigue


Episode 13: Burnout Prevention and Recovery


For free tools and resources for making change around alcohol, burnout, or midlife, visit:


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