Learn With Wendy

No matter where you're starting from, I want to help you live a fuller, happier, and healthier life. 

Learn With Wendy

No matter where you're starting from, I want to help you live a fuller, happier, and healthier life. 

Free resources to get you started

Alcohol Freedom

If you're questioning your relationship with alcohol, my 3-part video series will help you critically re-think the main reasons you believe alcohol serves you.

3-Part Video Series


If you're worried you might be on the road to burnout (or already there), download my Burnout Checklist!  It will provide a powerful & motivating snapshot of how stress is impacting you.

Burnout Checklist

Hormones & Midlife

If it feels like your body is betraying you (weight gain, joint pain, poor sleep, mood swings, &/or irregular periods), grab my Perimenopause Checklist.

Perimenopause Checklist



Remember when you could take it or leave it? It's time to make alcohol small & irrelevant again and find your way back to YOU.

A self-guided, no-strings, no-pain, coach-led mindful break from alcohol.

What you can expect to gain:

  • Better sleep, improved energy, and a huge boost of self-confidence.
  • A one-way ticket out of the shame & blame cycle.
  • 6 weeks of daily guidance and support to help you make alcohol truly small & irrelevant in your life, including;
  • An understanding of how you got here (hint: it’s NOT your fault!)
  • The science-backed truth to shift your views 180º on what alcohol is doing for you.
  • The mindset you need to take it or leave it with confidence.
  • The life tools & strategies to claim & navigate your new freedom with ease.
  • A set of healthy coping mechanisms to replace alcohol.
  • A taste of what "alcohol-free" living feels like for you (it's not "one-size-fits-all"!)

When you're just dipping your toes in the hormonal/menopause waters or have one specific area you'd like to deep dive into.

Midlife 101

Start with a FREE intro session designed to introduce you to what's going on with your body in midlife
hosted by Wendy McCallum (that's me!) and Dr. Sarah Baillie, N.D.

Here's what we'll be covering:

  • What's got you so hot and bothered. 
  • How it's possible to be both wired AND tired. 
  • Why you seem to have way less f#$%s to give.
  • 3 keys to starting to feel better right NOW.

Take some much-needed "me time" and join us for an hour! It's the first step to taking back your (mid)life  - trust us!



(Women Talking Frankly)

When you're really ready to take control of what's going on with your body and create the midlife you've been craving.

A 6-week course where you’ll take back control over your own midlife, make meaningful connections, and up-level your life in every way.

  • Everything you need to know from an expert in women's midlife hormones.
  • Learn how stress levels directly impact your hormones & midlife experience.
  • Find out why you're feeling so exhausted and how to start turning it around.
  • Create a set of healthy habits to reduce stress, manage cortisol, support your hormones & enjoy your life more.
  • Find out what you can do to feel better starting NOW.
  • Take steps towards creating the bigger, more fulfilling life you want.






I'm not your run-of-the-mill coach.

And you're not a cookie... so let's skip the cookie-cutter coaching.

Instead of an ineffective one-size-fits-all model, I use a one-of-a-kind approach that allows us to co-create a unique system for permanent change that really works for your real life. 

The truth is: extreme, overwhelming, deprivation-based changes don't stick. Whatever you commit to, it has to work with YOUR REAL LIFE.

Lasting change results from a series of consistent, manageable and (most important) pleasant small habits -- stacked on top of each other -- and served with a side of accountability.

Whether you've been down this road before or are taking your very first step, I'll meet you where you are, and we'll go from there. 

Whether you're struggling with burnout, or concerned that you're drinking too much, I've been there, and I'm ready to help you through to the other side. 



The results speak for themselves...

Wendy’s non-judgmental, supportive approach created a safe space for me...

"When I found Wendy I felt completely stuck. I was convinced I was failing miserably in every aspect of my being from motherhood to my professional career to my personal relationships. Wendy’s non-judgmental, supportive approach created a safe space for me to explore why I was feeling so stuck, and she gave me the tools I needed at exactly the right time to help me find me again.  I am forever grateful to Wendy for giving me the support that I needed to get un-stuck."


Wendy brings to her coaching a wonderful combination of wisdom, clarity, creativity and logic...

"I am so thankful to have invested in myself by investing in Wendy. Wendy brings to her coaching a wonderful combination of wisdom, clarity, creativity and logic. Working with Wendy allowed me to see issues through a different lens, making solutions more obvious. Wendy is a skilled listener and guides you to open up new possibilities. She’ll also keep you accountable - and creating and meeting goals feels so good!"