Copywriting Secrets for Coaches with Cassidy Dickens

This week on The Coaching Edge, I’m joined by Cassidy Dickens, a copywriter for coaches, about the basics of copywriting.

I’ve worked with Cassidy on a few projects and she is an excellent resource for coaches. Cassidy shares her story of how she got into copywriting and explains the difference between copy and content. She emphasizes the importance of storytelling and connection in copywriting and provides tips for coaches to improve their copy.

Cassidy also discusses three tried and true copywriting frameworks:

Problem Agitation Solution (PAS)

Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA)

and Before and After Bridge (BAB).

She advises coaches to have an experimental mindset and to listen to their audience when writing copy. We’ll also discuss the importance of breaking up large blocks of text on websites for better readability.

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