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The Wellness Conversation We're NOT Having with Tabbin Almond

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Tabbin Almond is a certified coach living in Devon, England, who is passionate about removing the stigma and creating meaningful employee support around alcohol use disorder. She is committed to changing the corporate wellness conversation to include alcohol as an important factor in employees’ physical and mental health.

Tabbin has a book in the works called The Wellness Conversation We’re Not Having, where she explores the corporate world’s failure to address the role that over-drinking is playing in many cases of employee burnout, depression, and anxiety. Employees are often hesitant to ask for help with their drinking because of the stigma and fear of career reprisals. If they do ask for help, the help is often woefully inadequate and misguided.

Tabbin shares her personal alcohol story, including how she found her “drinking boots” during her years as a successful advertising exec, how hypnotherapy led her to a 7-year period of sobriety, how a subsequent cancer diagnosis led to her decision to drink again, and how she finally found freedom from alcohol by addressing the thoughts and beliefs that were keeping her stuck in drinking.

Tabbin and I discuss why this issue is so challenging for employers and Tabbin provides some creative ideas for how we can start shifting the conversation around drinking as an important aspect of overall wellness.

If you have a story to share with Tabbin as part of her research on this project, please contact her at [email protected]

Find out more about Tabbin’s coaching and Reset Retreats at:


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