Dr. Carol Scott - How Our First 7 Years Impact Our Success as Adults

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Dr. L. Carol Scott, PhD. (Psychology) is a TEDx speaker, author, and coach who uses a unique model to help women succeed in their business and personal lives through self-aware emotional and social intelligence.

Carol mixes hundreds of years of child development theory with 21st Century brain imaging research, decades of her own experience with hundreds of developing humans of all ages, and her own lived experience of recovery from childhood trauma and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In this episode of BBB, Carol and I have a fascinating conversation about how the first seven years of our lives impact all aspects of our adulthood, including our business competence, parenting, and personal relationships.

Carol explains the seven assets that we are meant to develop as kids (trust, independence, faith, negotiation, vision, compromise, and acceptance) and how easy it is for us to be missing some of these as adults because of childhood circumstances outside of our control. She also explains the role of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in compromising our personal development.

Carol and I discuss two examples of how a deficit in certain childhood competencies can contribute to burnout in women. This conversation is incredibly enlightening for businesswomen, mothers, and leaders alike, don’t skip it!

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More on Carol: www.lcarolscott.com

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