The Price is Right: Pricing Lessons with Coach Christy Osborne

Pricing your offer: This is a topic that will make any coach squirm-and for good reason. You’ve probably asked yourself- “who am I to charge that much?”. We all have. But staying stuck here too long will absolutely drive you to burnout and cause you to walk away from your dream business. So we need to talk about it.

Today I’ve invited long-time Business Building Bootcamp Member, Christy Osborne, to share three powerful lessons she’s learned about pricing her coaching offers. The truth is that charging premium prices not only serves you, it also means that your clients have skin in the game, which means they’re invested in the outcome.

Charging more empowers both you and the client to commit to the process and the transformation. We’re getting clear about the fact that we’re not charging for just our time- in setting our rate we’re assigning value to the desired outcome your clients are craving. We’ll also talk about what it means to reverse engineer your income goals so that you stay profitable and passionate about your work!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why charging less will always result in more work and less fulfillment
  • Why your work experience prior to coaching is so valuable to your clients
  • Why you need to consider marketing work required to convert a client in pricing your offers

Listen to the episode here! 🎧

To connect with Coach Christy, check out her website at: or follow her on IG @lovelifeosberwithchristy

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