The Power of AWE with Michael Amster, M.D.

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Michael Amster, M.D., is the co-author (with Jake Eagle, LPC) of The Power of Awe. Dr. Amster is a pain management specialist and awe researcher who teaches at the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center. He’s also a long-time meditator and yoga instructor. He joins host me to share what he and Jake discovered a few years ago about the amazing power of “micro-dosing awe” and how the simple practice they teach can impact almost every area of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

In this episode, Dr. Amster defines “awe” and distinguishes it from other emotions like gratitude, discusses the three types of awe and how we know we’re experiencing them, and shares the quick 5 to 15-second A.W.E. Method that he developed with Jake Eagle at the start of the global pandemic. 

He goes on to explain the incredible results their formal awe research studies have generated and the science around why awe is such a special, powerful emotion when it comes to human wellbeing. I share my experiences practicing awe in the 24 hours after I read the book, including an interesting experience with a bathtub. We discuss the power of awe when it comes to preventing and recovering from burnout and the exciting future of research around the emotion. I geek out on science and Dr. Amster shares his hope that the future of awe includes a global social awakening.

This is an incredibly interesting conversation for any busy person who’s interested in improving their wellness, increasing joy, and preventing burnout.

Tune in to find out how to get the benefits of a time-consuming meditation practice in just seconds a day!

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