What We Did This Summer (Season 4 Opener with Sarah Baillie)

Welcome back to Season 4 of Bite-Sized Balance! My lovely co-host Sarah joins me again to catch up on the summer, chat about the joys and challenges of being moms to independent kids, and what we are excited about most as we ease into new fall routines!


While you will still be hearing from me and my guests each week, the format of the show for Season 4 has changed slightly. Twice a month, I’m inviting expert guests for longer interviews to cover specific topics to support your health and balance in this season. Then the other two episodes will be just me tackling more bite-sized topics which will be much shorter episodes. So many of you shared how much you enjoyed those episodes that were practical and actionable. I love them too, so there’s lots to look forward to there. 

Sarah let us know that she was almost completely successful in her commitment to doing nothing this summer. Her kids were at camp this summer, so there were plenty of days that gave her a preview of life as an empty nester, but the laundry at the end of those weeks reminded her she was not there -yet. You might also be inspired by her commitment to stocking the fridge with healthy foods while also empowering her kids to prep everything on their own. 

For my summer, I was delighted to finally move into the home we’ve been renovating for almost seven months. Being able to enjoy more space, a patio, and wonderful neighbors was such a delight. Yet our time and energy were also consumed by the flooding of both Rob’s business and the cottage. 

Like you, Sarah and I are ready to welcome routine and structure back into our work and personal lives as we talk a lot about our need to establish and protect boundaries more. We hope that sharing the things we want to hold each other accountable to will inspire you to get clear about your goals for the fall as well. Just make sure they include tuning into the podcast each week so you don’t miss any of the incredible episodes in store for you! 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What we planned vs. what really happened this summer
  • Why we aren’t meal-prepping much these days
  • Why it’s so hard to maintain boundaries when everyone is home again
  • How Sarah plans to add in more joyful movement in the fall
  • Why Wendy is prioritizing time-blocking 


To connect with Wendy about her coaching and programming, visit: https://www.wendymccallum.com/
To contact Sarah Baillie about coaching, email her at: [email protected]


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