Mommy Wine Culture: Why It’s Not About the Wine with Coach Celeste Yvonne

Between the countless memes, t-shirts, and dish towels, mommy wine culture is impossible to ignore. And before we get into it, let’s be clear: Mommy wine culture is not about a mother enjoying a glass of alcohol socially. What we’re talking about is promoting drinking as a culturally acceptable means to cope with the demands of motherhood. But have we ever stopped to really dig into why mom “needs” a glass of wine? 

In this episode, Coach Celeste Yvonne joins me to dive into the real reasons we are struggling to cope, all of which she thoughtfully identifies in her new book, “It’s Not About the Wine”. When we take a deeper look at the unrealistic demands placed on working moms, the lack of postpartum support, and the uneven distribution of labor, it’s pretty obvious that these layers of pressure are a huge piece of the problem and why so many moms are looking for a way to “numb out” or “escape” these days.

Celeste and I have had shockingly similar experiences on our paths to sobriety, which we share in this conversation. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re failing as a parent, you will be so encouraged by Celeste’s vulnerability and courage in sharing some of her darkest moments in motherhood. The problem is not you, or me, or the wine. The problem is the unattainable social standard that’s been set for moms. 

The only way we can start shedding all the pressure and expectations is to get curious about why we feel so overwhelmed. We can do an inventory of everything on our plate, from birthday gifts to dentist appointments, to taking PTO when the kids are sick again. Then we can finally begin to redistribute the load with our co-parents or support systems. You can also trade the wine glass for an honest, compassionate sober community that celebrates your commitment to keep showing up, imperfections and all. 

In this episode, you'll learn: 

  • Why it’s important to get curious about your defensiveness about drinking
  • The moment that Celeste learned she didn’t have to gaslight herself any longer
  • Why the pressure to enjoy every moment of motherhood is unsustainable
  • The first step to take to redistribute the division of labor in your home
  • Why you don’t have to identify as an alcoholic (or hit rock bottom) before you get curious about your relationship with alcohol 


To learn more about Celeste and her work, connect with her on her website at https://www.celesteyvonne.comor follow her on Instagram @theultimatemomchallenge. Be sure to grab her book, It’s Not About the Wine.

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