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I'm Wendy McCallum, your online Coach & Wellness Expert. I can't wait to see where Life By Design takes you --  it's going to be an amazing time of self-discovery, personal-growth, re-setting and goal-getting!

This is the Coaching Program You've Been Looking For.


Everyone has their own unique challenges when it comes to living their best life.

For years, my Achilles’ heel was too much work followed by too much wine.

For you, it might be sugar, social media, exercise, work, sleep or stress (or some combination of these!). Or you may have no idea what's out of balance - or where to start - but just feel certain life could be so much better.

For that reason, a one-size-fits-all online coaching plan makes absolutely no sense.

Life By Design allows you to build your own PERSONALIZED and FLEXIBLE PLAN so you can get more of what you really need.

You’ll start by identifying what you’re already doing right, what you need more of, and what you could use less of right now. 

Then, with my guidance, you’ll set mini-goals to slowly shift that balance to one that serves you better.

I'll take you through all the necessary steps in visualizing & achieving change (in any area of your life!).

Set yourself up for success this time around with a clear plan & measurable, realistic goals!

Each lessons pairs with a little Q & A area in your downloadable workbook for guided self-reflection and journaling.

Completing the workbook is optional, but science shows we learn better by listening, watching, and then writing about what we know, so I highly recommend it. It's also a great way to record & track progress in your growing habits & shifting mindset. 

I've built-in some personal coaching & accountability to this program.

It's easy, you just commit to your mini-goals in journal entries from time to time and I'll check in with you in the group to see how you're doing, and offer personalized feedback and support. 

Research also shows that a key piece of successful change is being held accountable to someone other than yourself, so I encourage you to take advantage of this feature!

You'll learn new tricks, strategies & simple practices to revolutionize your thinking, cement self-care in your life and create a maintainable set of healthy habits around all four pillars of your health: stress management & mental health, food, movement & sleep.

Game-Changing Daily Lessons & Resources

30 short video-lessons that you do at your own pace. Topics balance practical strategies with mindset coaching around common challenges like time management, unhealthy coping mechanisms and limiting beliefs.

70+ Page Workbook & Journal

Journal your progress, gather data on your own life (what's working, what's challenging you, and where you need to tweak your own system) & celebrate your successes as you go. Create your best, balanced life with intention & care.

Private Community & Coaching Support

Access to me (your personal coach!) & a community of connected, supportive women from day one. Stay connected and continue to learn & grow as a Coaching Circle Monthly Member after your Life By Design 6-week course is done.

This is, by far, my most popular online coaching program yet. Here are just a few of the reviews I've received since launching the beta group:

"I can honestly say that I have not felt as happy in a long time as I feel right now. I am also far less stressed and anxious. I am learning to live in the present and find joy in each day. This program is life changing."

- J. Houlihan, LBD Participant & Coaching Circle Member 

"I would absolutely recommend this program to a friend! I loved the daily videos - they seemed to speak right to me! The program is so easy to follow and the questions are designed to make you REALLY think! Journaling has really been key for me - I have notes I can go back to when I am feeling lost and trying to figure out why it's not working anymore."

- Tanya MacDonald, LBD Participant & Coaching Circle Member 

"I would definitely recommend this Program. So many of us are struggling in so many different areas of our lives and searching for that happy/healthy balance. This program showed me that there is support out there & we are all capable of making changes. For the first time in my life I am confident that I will reach the goals I have set for myself!

Wendy has given me the tools to help me make small, sustainable goals for change and MEET them! I love her simple approach (“the low hanging fruit”), the analogies she uses, and her one-on-one support! If you want to live a happier, healthier life but don’t know quite how to get there, Life By Design is for you!"

- J.Kerr, LBD Participant & Coaching Circle Member 

"I’m finally feeling like the work is taking hold! I don’t do well with the “follow a set of rules” approach. This program made me stop, reflect and think.

I learned that I need to treat my wellness as a journey and enjoy that journey. It’s about exploring, learning & experimenting. What doesn’t work is being handed a list of rules to follow in order to reach an ideal goal or fix a perceived fault. It’s about discovering who you are and accepting and loving that person.

I would absolutely recommend this Program to a friend. People need to be ready to try a different way  - and they need to discover that for themselves."

- P. McGinley, LBD Participant & Coaching Circle Member 

"LBD offers insight that leads to game-changing self-reflection, delivered by an engaging skilled & respectful coach who is genuinely rooting for you every step of the way!

This online course is right up there with the best ones I've taken. Really well done from start to finish. Lots of value from a credible source!"

- J. Lesperance, LBD Participant

I am astounded at the level of work that went into this program & what I am getting out of it for what I paid. LBD is a wonderful ‘sampler’ platter of what you have to offer as a coach. Through your lessons, I’ve identified bad habits that aren’t serving me that I didn’t even realize existed (i.e. unhealthy coping mechanisms)! I’ve also discovered that small adjustments to my life can have a profound positive impact. 

I have had many ‘aha’ or ‘lightbulb’ moments during the Program; something I didn’t necessarily expect. Strategies like standing closer to my goal, setting mini-goals, daily gratitude, and other simple habits have been huge takeaways for me!" 

- C. MacLeod, LBD Participant & Coaching Circle Member

"LBD has given me so much, and so many things to consider. The most impactful thing I learned is probably the importance of “habit stacking”. You need to have supporting habits to set yourself up for success in the bigger goal.

I now recommend this Program to my friends. It’s a “game changer”. It’s so thought provoking and relevant. It makes so much sense to me, now that all the key points were delivered in this way. It really helped me look at myself from the inside out.

Thanks so much, Wendy. As I’ve mentioned, I love everything about LBD and everything you brought to it. I appreciate every little tidbit you added. It really is making a difference and I see how I can enhance/ tweak my goals and strategies."

- L. King, LBD Participant & Coaching Circle Member 

"I learned so much, I don’t think I could list it all! Habit stacking was probably the biggest key for me. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. It is an amazing program, that takes you a bit further along in your journey each day. It isn’t overwhelming, it’s enough info to challenge you to move forward, but not make you feel like you’re sinking.

Thank you so much Wendy, I’ve loved every second of this, and have gleaned so much information!"

- Gina, LBD Participant 

"This group has not only helped me continue on my healthy path, it has taught me why I was always a yo-yo dieter, and it’s not because I was a failure. Everyone in the group is striving for something different, but the same program is helping all of us reach our goals with tools I never imagined would help me.

I wake up every morning wondering what I’m going to learn today! There is so much more to having goals & dreams than just the end game."

- Christina Coish, LBD Participant & Coaching Circle Member 

Packed with over $500 worth of value, Here's what you get in this special introductory Life By Design offer (these rates won't last!):


  • 5 short & sweet daily email lessons every week for six weeks for you to watch at your leisure! ($199 value)

  • A beautiful 70+ Page online or printable journal with guided reflection questions for each lesson ($39 value)

  • Practical printable resources, planners & journalling options ($19 value)

  • Direct accountability & coaching from a Certified Burnout & Balance Coach and Wellness Expert in the community area ($97/mth value)

  • Access to a private "off-Facebook" community for peer & coach support ($invaluable)

  • Access to bonus coaching videos

  • Office Hours (live access to your own personal coach on a open zoom call during pre-set times  $79 value)

  • Access to the LBD Book Club (participation is optional, but it's low-stress & lots of fun!)

  • BONUS access to my Real Food Refresh 8-Lesson Mini-Course. Includes recipes, cheat sheets and more! ($40 value)

  • BONUS access to 100+ healthy recipes in my beautiful, searchable Recipe Library ($69 value)

  • BONUS access to my Meal Plan Library, which includes more recipes, grocery lists & prep tips! ($69 value)

  • Optional small group coaching calls & retreats (*added fee)

Your first 5 lessons become available as soon as you register. Another 5 drop a week later, and so on.

The LBD Core Program runs for 6 weeks, after that, you'll immediately roll into monthly support with continued weekly lessons and access to the private community.

You can cancel that continued support whenever you feel ready to "fly the coop"!

All 6 weeks of programming (30 lessons + bonus content) and online support are just $198 - I've kept the price as low as possible and have jam-packed this course with value. Continued monthly support is yours for just $65 a month.

The truth is, the value of this course is at least triple that price (closer to $500 CDN), given the length of the program, the incredible amount of content & group coaching I provide, and your ability to access me (for accountability, feedback & with questions) as your personal coach. 

But... my motto of "Try Different, Not Harder" and my game-changing approach to making permanent change is really resonating with my private clients, and I genuinely wanted to make my method accessible to as many of you as possible with this special, limited offer.

(Not to mention that I love witnessing your "aha" moments, it's the best perk of being a coach!)

Complete the lessons at your own pace - there is no need to do them daily! You can save a few up and do them on the weekend when you have more time -- it's totally up to you.

There are very limited spots in this launch offer. 

Before September 15th, use code "INTROLBD" at checkout for a special early bird discount!

What are you waiting for!

I can't wait to have you in my Coaching Circle! 

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The beauty of my new Coaching Circle is that it is completely "off-Facebook", something my clients have been asking for.

So many of us are becoming increasingly mindful of how much time we spend on social media and are actively working on reducing that  - something I support wholeheartedly as a Burnout & Balance Coach - so hosting my programs on that very platform made no sense!

The new Coaching Circle Community is accessible right in your Membership Area and has all the functionality of a Facebook group.

Topic threads allow me to organize the discussion in an easy-to-use way, answer questions and post bonus coaching videos!

Join us there! It's a wonderfully positive and 100% non-judgmental place to connect, support & share.

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