Drink Less, Live More! 

I’m Wendy McCallum, This Naked Mind Certified Alcohol-Free Coach. I found freedom from alcohol, and I can help you do the same.


I’m so glad you found me.

Let me guess, you’re here because:
  • You’re a little too eager for that drink at the end of the day.
  • What used to be one glass is now two or three.
  • You're drinking more often & enjoying it less.
  • You’re questioning if you're drinking too much.
  • You’re tired of waking up with regret.
  • You make rules for yourself about drinking.
    Like: "I won’t drink until the weekend."
    Or: "I’ll only have one drink with dinner."
  • You start every morning hell-bent on following them...
    and end every night with a promise to try harder tomorrow.
  • You’re SO tired of thinking about drinking.
I get it. I've been there. 
I'm guessing you're a lot like me:
  • You’re a smart, successful person.
  • You don't identify as an alcoholic.
  • In fact, by all objective standards, you’ve got a pretty great life.
  • You try to take good care of yourself in other areas like healthy eating & exercise, and the irony of your drinking habit is not lost on you. 
  • You want to change your relationship with alcohol, but you just can’t imagine a life without it.
  • You’ve googled “healthy drinking guidelines” &/or “how to moderate” more than once.
  • Every article you read that suggests a "health benefit to drinking" leads to a quiet sigh of relief.
  • The fact that you can’t get this under control is driving you nuts.
I know what you’re thinking  -- remember, I was there too:
  • I need to hit “rock-bottom” before I give up drinking. I’m not there yet.
  • My friends drink as much as me, and they seem fine, so I must be too.
  • I have no willpower. I should be able to get a handle on this myself.
  • I need alcohol to cope, relax, sleep, and have fun.
  • I’m going to be white-knuckling my way through sobriety.
  • This will suck.
  • I can never drink again.
  • I have to be an “alcoholic” to stop drinking.
  • I'm not an “alcoholic”, so this isn’t a problem worth fixing.
  • If I am an “alcoholic”, I need to join AA, and that's not for me.
Am I close?
Here's the REAL truth:
Alcohol's been lying to you, and so has everyone else.
  • This is not your fault: alcohol is an addictive substance.
  • You're not weak, and you’re definitely NOT alone.
  • You're probably not an "alcoholic" -- you might be a "gray area" drinker like I was.
  • Either way, it's irrelevant, because alcohol is taking more than it's giving.
  • You can AVOID rock-bottom.

Life can be SO much better than this.

You don’t need alcohol to cope, relax, sleep, or have fun.

In fact, when you’re alcohol-free, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Your anxiety will decrease, you’ll cope better, and you’ll have more fun. (For real.)

You don't need to miss out on anything -- your daily joy will actually skyrocket.

I'm not done! Here's the best news of all: 
You don't need to commit to an alcohol-free life forever.
Yup, you read that right.
A mindful break can change EVERYTHING.


"Working with Wendy, I never felt pressured or that I was not the one in control of my choice when to stop. As I worked to be free from alcohol, Wendy encouraged me and I was always met with dignity and grace." 

- Gretha

What you can expect to gain:

  • An understanding of how you got here (hint: it’s NOT your fault!);
  • The science-backed truth to shift your views 180º on what alcohol is doing for you;
  • The personal & expert support to make alcohol truly small & irrelevant in your life; 
  • The mindset you need to take it or leave it with confidence;
  • The life tools & strategies to claim & navigate your new freedom with ease;
  • A set of healthy coping mechanisms to replace alcohol;
  • A taste of what "alcohol-free" living feels like for you (it's not "one-size-fits-all"!), and
  • The option to embrace that for as long as you like!

Drink Less, Live More is designed to give you ALL of this. 

Whether you've been down this road before or are taking your very first step, I'll meet you where you are, and we'll go from there. 

I'll be by your side as you make alcohol truly small & irrelevant in your life.

It's not about trying "harder", you've done that.

Over and over.

It's about trying "different" -- and I can show you how to make alcohol truly irrelevant in your life.

(By the way, if you want to read my personal alcohol story, you can find it here - I think you'll see we have a few things in common!)


Drink Less, Live More includes:

  • WEEKLY small group coaching calls to work through your most pressing questions and the beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • DAILY access to a private member online chat community for support and connection (not Facebook!)

  • MONTHLY Alcohol-Free "Happier Hour" online social gatherings with your coach and other members 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY AND CONSISTENCY with me reminding you of what's important for YOU and where you should focus your energy and efforts for maximum impact.

  • ACCESS TO A HUGE, GROWING COACHING LIBRARY of bite-sized recorded trainings designed to give you actionable strategies on everything from managing cravings to social situations for an easy and joyful alcohol-free life.

  • REGULAR EMAILS AND CHECK-INS to keep you motivated and on-track between our calls.

  • A FULL 6 MONTHS OF SUPPORT designed to get you through ALL of life's challenges alcohol-free (like your first date night, dinner party, all-inclusive vacation, work party, birthday celebration or really stressful week at work!)


"Wendy is a truly gifted coach. Her insight and encouragement has been invaluable. This process has given me so much freedom and empowerment.  My anxiety is better, my sleep has improved, I have more energy, and I am present for my family.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!"

- Jessica


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"Wendy's program has completely changed my life!  The improvements in my confidence, my productivity, my physical and mental health, and most importantly the relationships with my family have truly been the best gift I have ever given myself. 

It was the best money I've ever spent."

- Rebecca

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