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I'm not your typical business coach, my goal is for you to not need me sooner!

I'll set you up, show you how to keep it going, then cut you loose and watch you soar!

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I'm Wendy McCallum, LLB, and Certified This Naked Mind Coach. I've got 10+ years of small business and 12 years of corporate experience. I know all the pitfalls & shortcuts around setting up a coaching practice, and I want to share them with you.

I wish I'd known a "me" when I first set up shop. 

You work your butt off to get that coaching certification, you can't wait to get going and then "BOOM!" -- reality hits: You need to set up a business, and.... you're not a businessperson (yet!), you're a coach.

You have no idea where to start, but you can't book any clients if they don't know how to find you or what you offer, and you can't create a course or membership without a platform.

I've been there!

Website, branding, payment provider, social media, client scheduler, blog, newsletter list, freebies, paid content, membership community... it gets overwhelming fast, amiright?

Take a deep breath. It doesn't need to be.

As an experienced coach, I've built a recognizable brand & following and a solid business model. I've also designed and launched countless online programs and memberships, and I've learned a lot along the way. 

I love sharing what I know with new coaches and empowering them in the process.

It can be fun and rewarding to learn the basics of graphics and social media, and to build your own site and programming.

The great news is, with all the incredibly user-friendly platforms out there, it's now pretty easy to do most of it yourself.

The key is take it one step at a time, in an order that makes sense, and gets you off the ground and booking clients ASAP.

The other trick is to not be afraid to ask for a little help. It will be well worth the investment to learn the best tricks & shortcuts of the trade.

The sooner you get set up, the sooner you can start coaching and transforming lives!

I offer flexible packages based on your needs. 

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No strings, you can cancel your Kajabi®️ membership before getting charged a penny if it's not for you, but it's the ONLY product I endorse and that's for a great reason: It's an AMAZING all-in-one platform for new coaches.

If you use my affiliate link, instead of the usual 14-day Kajabi®️ trial period you get a 28-day trial. You also get a full hour of my time to ask your burning questions about how Kajabi®️ will work for you.

More time to explore + expert support before committing = a no-brainer, in my books!

You can host your website, mailing list & newsletter, blog, courses, videos, coaching packages and subscription-based memberships all in one place.

I did the math, and this platform saves me money and allows me to create a gorgeous, reliable website with more functionality than any custom site I've had in the past.

And it's easy to use - especially after your FREE 1:1 tutorial with yours truly!

Get Your 28-Day Free Kajabi®️ Trial and Bonus Private Tutorial Now!

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"I do not know how I would have survived launching my business without Wendy! Her wisdom and ability to coach me when I was stuck, her ability to keep me on track and help me focus on the next right steps, and her guidance and support all have been invaluable! Every entrepreneur should be so lucky to have a Wendy. The time and the headaches she saved me cannot be measured and I can't thank her enough! As a solo-preneur, it's easy to get lost in the swirl of having so much to do and it was an absolute gift to have someone to help me sort through the overwhelm. "

M. Holland Shirley
Certified Coach