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Dream career? ✔️ 

Handsome husband? ✔️

Two cute babies (after years of trying?) ✔️ 

HGTV-worthy home? ✔️ 

Happy? ... ❌

This was me, 12 years ago.

If your life looks great "on paper", but you still feel like something is missing, I get it.

I was doing "everything", but none of it very well, and I was exhausted. I learned a lot on my way back from burnout, and now I want to share it with you.

This workbook will give you a big picture view of  your busy life - including where you are out of balance & what you really need to feel better (hint: it's not a massage!)

It includes some of my most powerful coaching exercises & mindset shifting tips. I've packed this freebie with incredible value!

Whether you know exactly what needs to change, or just have a nagging feeling something is missing, but you're not sure what that is, this little guide is EXACTLY what you need to make lasting, intentional change.

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A fantastic guided coaching tool to help you take your "balance pulse", determine what you need more & less of in your life, and set achievable goals for change!