Create the blueprint for your life by design.

Dream career? ✔️ 
Handsome husband? ✔️
Two cute kids (after years of trying)✔️
HGTV-worthy home? ✔️ 
Happy? ... ❌

This was me, 12 years ago.

If your life looks great "on paper", but you're still not happy, I get it.

I was "doing it all" - but none of it very well - and eventually, I burnt out.

I’d thrown everything into building this “great life” and I’d lost myself in the process.

It took leaving my career and moving across the country for me to find “ME” again.

But when I did, I designed the life I really wanted (not the one I thought I “should” want.)

The great news is - you can too. I learned so much on the way - and I really want to share it with you, right now. 

This workbook will give you a big picture view of  your busy life - including where you are out of balance & what you really need to feel better (hint: it's not a massage!)

It includes some of my most powerful coaching exercises & mindset shifting tips. I've packed it with incredible value!

Whether you know exactly what needs to change, or just have a nagging feeling something is missing, but you're not sure what that is, this little guide is EXACTLY what you need.


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