I'm Wendy McCallum.

I help coaches learn to manage the business side of their business...

So they can spend more time doing what they love: COACHING. 



Powerful Coaching Questions

Be that coach who always knows just what to ask to move the session forward and help your clients transform their lives.


Get Coaching Clients NOW

Discover how to get new clients NOW as a new coach without a big social media following or email list.


Get Coaching Clients NOW

Discover how to get new clients NOW as a new coach without a big social media following or email list.


Business Building Bootcamp

If you're looking to learn the business end of coaching, I've created a straightforward, painless, and affordable path to profit for you, and an intimate space to connect with other like-minded coaches.

My popular signature program includes one-year's access to weekly group support calls with me, monthly masterclasses, a huge content library and an active community between calls... and SO MUCH MORE!


Coaching Course Creator

In this program I'll walk you through the exact steps you need to go from Big Idea to Launching your digital course in just 8 weeks. From mapping out your modules + lessons, to creating quality content, to how to price, to how to launch and sell - I've got you covered.

(Option to add a private course brainstorm and final audit with yours truly at checkout!)

This course perfect for coaches who are ready to create their first online course or offering NOW.


Coaching Pricing Masterclass

In this masterclass, you'll discover how to price your 1:1 coaching offer so that you stay profitable and avoid burnout. Coaches call this "pure gold" and say it pays for itself immediately. 

At just $37, it's a no-brainer!


"I’ve taken lots of business training as a coach, including Marie Forleo’s B-School and one of Jenna Kutcher’s programs, and BBB with Wendy is better than all of them. 

It’s more comprehensive, more intimate, and way more valuable to a solo coach looking to build a profitable business they love! No one can replicate the special sauce of coaching, community and content that Wendy offers."

Christy Osborne, Certified Coach & Author


I'm a highly experienced and successful coach with a very profitable coaching business that I absolutely love. 

But when I was just starting out 12 years ago, I had no one to show me the ropes and guess what?

I floundered.

Big time.

Yup. I made loads of painful mistakes, but I learned from every one of them.

I also spent tens of thousands of dollars on expensive business advisors, web designers, and consultants, but I learned from every one of them too.

With my business coaching programs, I've taken all that learning and created straightforward, painless, and affordable resources for you, as well as an intimate space to connect with other like-minded coaches.

These are the programs I desperately wished I'd had when I was starting out.



On The Coaching Edge: A Business Building Podcast, I provide coaches with bite-sized tips to help them build an aligned, profitable, and sustainable coaching business.

Packed with actionable and realistic advice, this podcast is perfect for coaches who are serious about building the business of their dreams.


Copywriting Secrets for Coaches with Cassidy Dickens

Jun 17, 2024

Creating An Online Coaching Course

Jun 03, 2024

Coaching Course Creator

Creating a digital course gives you an endlessly scaleable asset, so you can get out of trading time for money.  In the Coaching Course Creator program, I'll walk you through the exact steps you need to create a digital course that you can use to support your one-on-one coaching clients, coach a group through, or sell as a DIY offer. 


Wondering if my business coaching is right for you?

"I was up and running with a full client load within my first month..."

Newly certified with a million decisions to make about how to start my business was beyond overwhelming - enter Wendy! As a super successful entrepreneur and coach herself, she was gifted in helping me cut through the stress of all the decisions and showing me where to focus first. Her wisdom, direction, and accountability were invaluable!

Meade Shirley, Certified Coach

"The BBB is exactly what all solo coaches need..."

The content library in the BBB alone is worth the price of admission! But the access to Wendy’s expertise, other coaches, and the expert business-focused and practical masterclasses is pure GOLD! The BBB is exactly what all solo coaches need. No matter where they are stuck, there’s a video or template for that!

Karen King, Certified Coach

"BBB has far exceeded my expectations..."

Already after our first call, I knew this was exactly the right place for me to start. I love the structure with the modules and the instant access to all the content. BBB has far exceeded my expectations and I get so much value for the money invested. Learning from Wendy and my fellow coaches is priceless!

Charlotta Gustavsson, Certified Coach

"The BBB has been a tremendous help..."

The BBB has been a tremendous help in honing my message, targeting my niche, and pitching my story to a podcast.  Wendy walked me through the entire podcast process including editing my pitch letter, preparing me for recording, and inspiring and editing the freebie I specifically designed for the listeners. I'm now working with her to replicate this success with other podcasts and extend my marketing reach. None of this would have happened without the BBB!

Julie Lively, Certified Coach

"BBB provides guidance in manageable chunks with actionable steps."

Wendy's monthly Copy Class, where she reviews your website and other promotional material, is worth the entire cost of the BBB program...And her suggestions during Office Hours on "what to do next" have kept me in action mode, instead of the fight or flight I felt about my business before joining the BBB. As a new coach, lots of people want to "help" you; Wendy's BBB provides guidance in manageable chunks with actionable steps.

Laura Whitesel, Life Coach

Learn more about my business support program and community for coaches...