Getting a Handle on Hormones and Midlife

Join Dr. Sarah Baillie and me for a FREE info session about all the crazy things happening in your body. 

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Our Midlife 101 info session with Q&A will be offered live on September 23rd at 7:30 PM AT/ 6:30 PM ET (with recorded replay if you can't attend live)

Save your FREE seat now!  We'll be diving into:

Why Your Body Feels Like It's Betraying You

What's happening with your hormones and  what's got you so hot and bothered in midlife 

Why You're Feeling Both Wired AND Tired

And why you seem to have way less f#&*s to give (hint: there's a hormone for that!)

3 Practical Steps You Can TAKE

To take back some control, empower yourself, and start feeling better NOW.