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This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between Wendy McCallum Coaching (“Me” or “I”) and the Coach's Course Creator/CCC Program ("Program") participant (“You”).

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Program Participation. By signing this Agreement, You will become a member of the CCC “Program” wherein I will provide You with lifetime access to the course content from the date of your date of registration. [“Lifetime access” means as long as this course is offered.]

The Program includes everything listed on this offer page.

My teaching and coaching services are provided solely for your personal use in building your coaching business.

  1. Payment for the Program. The Program is a commitment between Me and You. I agree to provide the services described above. In exchange for these services, you agree and accept the payment plan as set out on this page. You understand that payment is due and payable immediately when you sign this Agreement. Further, you understand that refunds will only be provided in the first 14 days of your Membership, if you can demonstrate that you’ve done the work and are not satisfied with the course content.
  2. I Don’t Guarantee Results. While I am convinced You will benefit greatly from the Program, Your success is up to you. I disclaim any express or implied promise or representation other than those contained in this Agreement.
  3. Confidentiality. You agree and accept that my methods, processes, and strategies taught in the Program are my sole and exclusive property. You agree not to duplicate, disseminate, distribute, share or otherwise disclose any materials provided to you in the course of this Program to third parties other than your coaching clients, as explicitly communicated by Me in the Program.
  4. Advice Not Given. You agree and accept that the Program is not intended to and does not provide You with any legal, medical, psychological, or health advice. You are responsible for any decisions you make relating to your business & wellness and all other matters during the course of this Program.
  5. GDPR Compliance. You agree and accept that I will be using your personal data entered here to deliver the product or service you are purchasing and to communicate relevant information about the delivery of the product or service to you. In signing this contract you are indicating that you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at www.wendymccallum.com.

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CCC Self-Guided (1 Payment USD)

The CCC program gives you access to:

  • The entire CCC Course Library including video lessons, templates, and course organization + scheduling tools (until such time as I am no longer running this program, whenever that might be)

What People Are Saying:

I would absolutely recommend the CCC. The value is in learning from Wendy, a highly successful coach and businesswoman who shares how to create a course and draws from her 13-plus years of experience. Wendy has created 20+ courses and teaches you how to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes when designing a course for the first time. The CCC helps streamline the process and prevents you from having to recreate the wheel. Wendy breaks the process down into bite-sized pieces so it doesn't feel so overwhelming.

Maureen Benkovich, Certified Coach

If you are lost about where to start and what steps to take to get your first course created and launched, Wendy's program gives you exactly that! I highly recommend the CCC!

Danielle Flemming, Certified Coach

Creating a course has so many moving parts and pieces... Wendy's CCC breaks the whole process down into achievable, bite-sized chunks. Having this framework to help guide content creation, technical logistics, *and* eventual launch is very reassuring.

Jamie Phillips, Certified Coach

If you need to narrow down your niche and offer, have no idea how to map out your thoughts to get from point A to point Z, want a roadmap of specifics to get your coaching course up and running, and a library of information to reference once the course is complete, I recommend the CCC!

Maryanne Petkac